Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tender Text

As I have mentioned, I really look forward to getting emails from Drake on Tuesdays. This particular week, his email was exceptionally short, but included a promise that he has sent a paper letter in the mail (I guess people still do that from time to time). I tried not to feel too disappointed, but instead focused my energy on checking the mail at the post office. Every Day. For the Whole Week.

By Friday (the last day mail is delivered for the week), no letter had arrived.

I don't want to sound pathetic or anything, but I was really down that I had not received any real news from Drake for the week. It has been hard for me having him gone.

So there I am at home on Saturday evening, and I get a text message. It is not from a number that I recognize, but lo and behold, it is a picture of Drake and his companion! A sweet sister in the ward where he is serving took a picture of them as they prepared to serve the ward their Thanksgiving dinner. Oh the joy!

I quickly texted back a thank you, and then we began chatting back and forth. Come to find out, this woman had a son serving a mission two blocks from the capitol in Washington DC at the time of 9/11. She heard pretty quickly that he was okay, but soon after, she got a letter in the mail that had a picture of her son. A woman had taken a photo of him and sent it to her so that she would not only know that he was okay, but that in the midst of that terrible time, he still smiled. He was happy. From then on, she always tries to send a picture to the moms of the missionaries that serve in her ward. And what a timely tender mercy it was for this mama. I know he just left and that he is in good hands, but to see his smiling face when I was feeling a little blue was a witness to me that the Lord is watching over us, and that he loves us!

Thank you so very much for being a blessing to me, sweet sister in Tacoma! Your text was truly a tender mercy, and I am thankful!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

He Has Arrived

So Drake has been out just over a month. He left the MTC at the end of October and was assigned to serve in the downtown Tacoma area of Hilltop. Once he was out in the field, I did some searching and found a mission blog that the mission president's wife posts pictures to. That was a treat since she posted a bunch of his arrival and new missionary training. (I may or may not check the blog a little obsessively in hopes of catching a glimpse of my kid.)

In the picture above, Drake is sitting with his companion, Elder White from the MTC. We didn't hear a whole lot about him, but Drake says they are getting along just fine.

In looking back at the archives on the blog, you can see that they introduce each missionary to their companions one at a time and snap a photo as they greet each other. Many of the greetings were very enthusiastic, and I literally laughed out loud that they captured Drake so perfectly as he met his companion for the first time.


His trainer's name is Elder Larson, and Drake got a real kick out of that. In one of his letters he made the comment that the Larsons and the Martins just can't be separated. I think it was a little thing that gave him a real boost. He was also able to see Elder Johnson, another Elder from Page serving in the same mission as Drake. He thought that was pretty awesome.

For now, we get to hear from Drake every Tuesday. The normal P-day is on Monday, but the library where they go to email is closed on Monday. So, Tuesday is the day that I anxiously check my email about 50 times a day. His letters are better than I hoped for. He is getting settled in, and he is learning a lot about what it really means to be a missionary. I am so proud of him!

Elder Drake Martin with President and Sister Blatter

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sixteen Candles

While we were in Salt Lake celebrating Ty and Whit's wedding, the homecoming of Nate, and having our Ross reunion, a special visitor winged into the Salt Lake Valley. Corbin's best friend from Texas came for a visit just in time to celebrate a special birthday. As in many years past, Corbin celebrated the big One Six at running camp in Duck Creek, and of course Jacob was along for the ride. Since Theo and I were both working for most of the week, we were not up at camp, but we made a special drive up on the evening of Corbin's birthday just to make sure he had cake and a song! Good times!



Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Wedding, A Homecoming, and Manual Labor- Ross Reunion 2015!

Every year, my siblings have a Ross Reunion. We each take a turn being in charge, and that person gets to choose the location. We love this tradition as it brings us together and strengthens our family bonds. This year, we had a LOT going on. Between graduations, mission farewells, homecomings, temple trips and life in general, we were not sure we could make a reunion work.

In lieu of our regular reunion, we decided to gather for the wedding of Kim's oldest son, Tyler as well as the homecoming of their youngest son Nate from his mission. During this time, we would still gather and enjoy each other, but with less of a reunion vibe. Ty and his bride, Whitney were married in the Draper temple on the 17th, lovely.

The following day we did a service project at Brad's house in Lindon digging sprinkler trenches. Mostly, we enjoyed being together. Of course on Sunday, we got to hear from Nate as he reported on his mission to Argentina. What a great weekend! The Rosses are the best!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daisy Young Martin

Theo's grandma Daisy has passed away. Just like with his grandpa George, Theo was able to work with his grandma as a physical therapist. She had been living at home, but then with her decreased capacity, she had moved to the Beehive House in Page. She really enjoyed her time there as she was able to make friends and socialize with the other people living there.

In early June, Daisy had another stroke, this was not her first. She spent her remaining days in the Page Hospital being taken care of and visited by family and loved ones. When we had her funeral on the following Tuesday, it struck me as we gathered with everyone. She was reuniting with not just her husband, George, but with her children that had gone before her. It really touched me as a mother to think about losing children and how infinitely joyful it would be to see them again. I know that Daisy's sons, Ross, Daniel and Irvy were there to greet their mother. What a reunion that must have been!

As an aside, the day of the funeral was Theo and I's 20th anniversary. It may seem sad to have such a great milestone on the same day as a funeral, but I look at it differently. At this time of coming together to honor a life, we can look back and reflect as well as look forward with anticipation of what is yet to come. We rejoice in the things that are good. We celebrate the milestones we've acheived. We relish the opportunity to move forward together.

I am glad to know that families are eternal, that we live on beyond this earthly  life. This is just one stop in a much grander journey. I was glad to be aquainted with Daisy. She always had a kind smile and a warm welcome for me. Until we meet again.

Happy anniversary, love!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sensational Stone

Apparently, I have a thing for stone. Maybe it comes from being raised in the desert. I am thrilled with the two big things going in the house this week . They are gorgeous.

Our countertops have gone in and I am in LOVE!

Maybe my very favorite feature in the whole house is just about done, our fireplace in the great room. Theo and our contractor Shawn put in the stone facing on this week. Hubba hubba!