Monday, June 24, 2013

Class of 1993 Reunites!

This summer marks twenty years since Theo and I graduated from Page High School! Yep, that is two zero. TWENTY! For this auspicious occasion, we loaded up the family and made the journey to Page.

Upon our arrival, we crossed paths with Theo's little sister, Brianna. They were literally on their way out the door to Texas. We got to spend a few minutes catching up with our littlest cousins with a promise to see them in Amarillo on their way back in a couple of weeks.

Next on the agenda was of course a trip to the lake! We met a whole bunch of families down at Antelope for some sun and swim! We were having so much fun, I neglected to snap many photos.

That Friday night was the first event on our high school reunion schedule. One of my very best high school friends is Christy who also happened to be our senior class president. She was the planner extraordinaire for this blessed milestone event. Her parents were also a teacher and counselor during our tenure. It only seemed appropriate that we should have a gathering at their home. What was comical about this event was that it was billed as essentially a keg party. I am sorry, even though it has been twenty years, there was something a little weird about a kegger at the Bucks' house! We used to sneak OUT of their house for that kind of thing back in the day. Giggle.
Since beer and cocktails is not really our kind of scene nowadays, and we knew we would see these people at other reunion events the following day, we made an early getaway.
The following day was a Navajo Taco feast at the Pera Club. This was a family affair, so Theo and I got to bring our boys to show them off. Although they weren't super excited by the prospect of being paraded around, they put up with it for the food.
They were super excited when the Begay kids showed up so they had people they knew to hang out with.

The final official event was a dinner and awesome slideshow at the Dam Bar and Grille. We had so much fun reminiscing. The pictures had a whole lot of skinny kids with lots of big hair, braces, and most of all smiles! Here are just a few that I sent in for the slideshow presentation. That's right, I have no shame! It was the late 80s/early 90s!

My high school years were the BEST! Seriously!
I loved seeing how well so many people are doing, how much we have all changed, and at the same time how much we are still the same kids! Some of us are even better with age. Like this handsome dude! 


Once the reunion festivities were finished, we got to spend just a couple more days with our Page family. The Larsons took us out on the boat to enjoy Lake Powell. Man, I love that place! How I miss it! It was the perfect summer day! How good it was to be home.

Class of 1993 Rules!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Country Cousin

My sister Michelle has always been a champ when it comes to supporting her brothers and sisters in any family events. We are talking births, blessings, baptisms, ordinations, farewells, weddings you name it! This weekend it was her family's turn to be supported.

We made a late departure from Amarillo and drove the seven hours to Durango for the momentous occasion of the youngest Gilleland, Jebb, getting baptized! What better excuse to spend a weekend in one of the places we love most with the people we love best?

Saturday was the big event. My parents, our family and the Hannays were all filling up the Gilly homestead with noise and laughter.

After the wonderful baptism performed by oldest brother Gabe, we returned to Gilleland's for fun, food and frolic.

Grandma Ross made this beautiful quilt for Jebb.

Then it was off to shoot guns that Grandpa had brought. Luckily we didn't have to go far. The Gillelands have enough room that we didn't have to worry about shooting a neighbor.


This was actually the very first and only time I have ever shot a gun! Can you tell that no one gave me any instruction on how to hold your arms! I didn't hit anything! Hahaha.

Another great weekend with our country cousins. See you again soon!