Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mini Move

In preparing for our move back to Page, we had some logistics to work out. Although graduated, Theo would need to prepare for his board exams which he would take in July. I was committed to work until at least the middle of July at the service center. We decided at the beginning of June it was time to put out house up for sale.

We had everything spruced up and got it listed online. We anticipated it could take a while to sell, but we figured we had the summer. Much to our delight and chagrin, within one day of putting a sign in our yard, we had more than one seriously interested party. Within a few days, we had an official offer on the house! Things were moving fast, and it looked like so would we!

We made plans to have the boys return to Page in conjunction with a trip that we had already planned in June. The Martin clan was having a sibling reunion of sorts, and we were already slated to go. It was decided that Theo and the boys would go to Page and stay with Theo's parents (we were starting a search for a new place. More on that later). I would stay in Amarillo for several more weeks to complete the things that I had scheduled before departing for good.

As we negotiated with our buyers, it quickly became apparent that they wanted to be in the house sooner than I would be finished with my job. I made arrangements to stay with my boss and dear friend Tammy in the interim. Things were all set up.

We left for Page and had a wonderful week going to the lake and generally frolicking. Corbin's friend Jacob joined us as well. We love having that kid around.

It seemed very surreal to consider we were actually here to stay! We had so much fun. Tim and Anne made the journey from Indiana, and Shaun and Bri were both there with their families. We rented a boat on one of the days, and had a fantastic time soaking up Lake Powell.

When it came time for me to go back to Texas, it was hard. My family was moving on to the next phase. I was going back to Texas. I knew it would be a few short weeks before we would all be together again, but it was hard to be separated again, much like when we left Page 3 years ago. It was a strange echo of events. Ultimately, things will work out. It is time to move on.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nineteen and Counting

These beauties showed up at my office today. It is our 19th wedding anniversary! I love that man!