Friday, January 3, 2014

Page House Transformation Project Part II

We rolled into Page late on Christmas night. After the long 10 hour drive, we stopped by our house to drop off the trailer and have a quick look around. The kids were so excited to be "home".

The new floors looked great, but there was still much work to be done. After running all over the empty house, we piled back in the car and went to Theo's parents' for the night. The following morning, we started bright and early, and we didn't stop for a whole week! In fact, there are very few pictures of the process we went through since we were so busy.

Right in the middle of everything, we had some wonderful help! On Saturday, my sister Kim and her husband Steve drove down from Salt Lake to bring us a bunch of house stuff as well as to contribute their vast home improvement knowledge to our efforts. They stayed through Monday and worked like crazy!

We put new trim in the entire house, painted doors, fixed faucets, fixed toilets, shoveled gravel in the front yard, replaced the kitchen sink, framed in the entertainment area in the living room and cleaned a bunch more. All the while Theo BUILT a king bed, two queen beds, a set of bunk beds, a sofa table and framed in built in bunks in the family room. Can you say, MACHINE?!

Kim was a fantastic design consultant. We painted a bunch of furniture that she and Theo's mom had donated to our cause and stained all the stuff Theo built. Steve valiantly worked in the yucky bathrooms. We were busy!

We had hoped to be done with everything by New Year's day so we could travel home for the kids to start school on January 2nd. Alas, we had a few odds and ends we HAD to finish before we left. They got to miss a day of school on Thursday as we only got home Friday at about 1:30 AM! At the end of our week long oddessy, the house had been transformed. While there was still a long list of things we could do, we felt like we finished everything we had to do.
We still need to have one of our sectionals delivered, new blinds hung in the windows and the fireplace insert and rock installed. All in the works.
Kids celebrating the TV working at the end of the week

Bunks Theo built

Grandma Peters' bed!

Hidden bunks in the family room

sewing desk turned funky cool accent furniture

Entry table Theo built

Lovely living room

King bed Theo built with side tables from Grandpa Ross!


We have now officially started advertising our house on You can check out our listing and tell all of your friends to go here:

We got two bookings in our very first week online! Shazam!

I can't express my gratitude enough for everyone that made this possible! I know I have said it before, but I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! Thank you ALL!