Friday, October 24, 2014

Homecoming Blindside

So Drake has been over the legal dating age for quite a while. We have encouraged him again and again to take the leap and go out with a young lady, to no avail.

With Homecoming season upon us, we had been trying to gear Drake up quite a while in advance to ask someone to the dance. We thought he might be willing to go with longtime friend Noah who was also feeling apprehensive to jump into the dating pool. Come to find out, Noah was going to be gone on a golf trip over Homecoming weekend, so we had kind of dropped the pressure on Drake to go since we wanted him to have the security of a group for his first dating adventure.

The day of Homecoming arrived, and Theo, Drake and I attended the city parade together. The other boys were in the parade with the cross-country teams. While we were watching, we told Drake that he had to at least go to the football game. Drake tends to like to hang around at home most of the time. Since this is his senior year, we felt like we had to get more aggressive in getting him to participate in social activities. He fussed, but finally said he would go to the game.

Once we were home, I settled in for a quiet night of TV and Theo was chatting on the phone with someone. Minutes before the game was scheduled to start, Drake approached me and asked if he could take the Jeep to the game. I told him that he would have to ask his dad. Since Theo was on the phone, Drake continued to press me on the issue. Getting a little exasperated, I asked Drake why it was such a big deal if he took the Jeep rather than the old truck he usually drives. With a slight grin on his face, he quietly told me that he "forgot" to tell me that he had a date that night! I literally screamed, "WHAT"? Drake hastily explained that he had asked someone and that he had made plans to pick her up for the game and that he would be late if he didn't get going soon. That little snake knew he was going to the game all along! I don't know if he would have even told me about his date if he hadn't needed to ask for the car! In utter shock, I sent him on his way.

Theo finally got off the phone so I could relate the sudden jarring turn of events. We were both stunned. I quickly gathered my wits and called the parents of the said date (we are good friends). We had quite the interesting conversation as each of us pieced together how this all came about. Apparently Drake had asked her just a day before via Facebook message! Oh Mylanta! I asked her mother if she even had a dress. She assured me that she could wear one that had belonged to a cousin. Normally they wouldn't allow her to go on a single date, but since they have known each other basically since the second grade and there was no romantic anything, they relented. Her dad even made the comment, "It's just Drake. She could take him".

When Drake returned from the game, there was more grilling from us since the initial shock had worn off. Drake actually ran to the store to purchase himself a dress shirt since he didn't want to wear one of his usual white ones. While he was out, I got some flowers for his lovely date knowing that he had no clue in these matters. I also got the green light from his date's mom to come over and get pictures at their house before they left for the dance. It all happened so fast.

We told Drake that he should probably make some plans if the dance wasn't that great. He has been to lots of church dances and we were sure the contrast between those and a school dance would be stark. He brushed it off and went to collect his date. After some akward pictures, they were off.

At about 11:30 Drake returned looking tired but happy. He said the night went well, but the dance was not great (as we had warned). They ended up talking outside with some friends and then going for a drive. Finally, they decided to call it an early night. All in all it was a success.

I swear, I am never going to figure out that kid. He is always a mystery! But a handsome man of mystery if I do say so myself!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

General Conference

We got to take these four up to General Conference in the Conference Center. What a wonderful experience to be able to be so close to hear the words of our modern prophet and the apostles. Awesome!