Thursday, May 30, 2013


This YouTube video was taken by someone here in Amarillo. Last Night. While we were huddled in our bathroom listening to the news and the tornado sirens going off. Yeah!
Last week there was a terrible tragedy in the town of Moore, OK just outside of Oklahoma City. An EF5 tornado wiped out thousands of homes and demolished two elementary schools, killing 24 people including 7 children. Devastating!

Theo and I had gone to bed, but were still up later than usual on a Wednesday night. In the quiet of the evening, I heard my cell phone make strange sounds in the next room where it was charging. I got up to see what it was since this was not the usual noise it makes for a text or other message. As I checked my phone it proclaimed: Tornado Warning, take immediate shelter......Yikes!

I rushed back to our room and turned on the TV, and sure enough on every channel were radar pictures and frantic weathermen urging people to take shelter right away! Theo and I debated whether or not to wake our sleeping children as it was already after 11:00. Just as I was about to go to their rooms, the tornado sirens started to wail. If you have never head one of these, it is an unsettling sound, especially when it is dark, the wind is howling and the rain is already lashing against the windows.

We quickly and calmly woke the boys and herded everyone into our bathroom while we continued to listen to the news reports. The weather man repeatedly named the streets between which the tornado was expected to pass, right through our neighborhood! They were reporting softball sized hail in the small town just 15 miles to the west of us.

As the boys rubbed the sleep from their eyes and snuggled into the blankets and couch cushions we gathered for protection, we said a brief but heartfelt family prayer.

The next 15 to 20 minutes were tense but peaceful at the same time. I didn't feel fearful as a calm had settled upon me after praying. The storm veered to the north, and mostly missed our subdivision. In a frightening few moments, the news people we were watching suddenly exclaimed they had to leave the newsroom and get to shelter. They continued broadcasting from a bathroom in their building.

And then it was over.

The following day at work, I heard many stories of windows smashed out by hail, wind damage, dented cars, flooded roads and all kinds of mess. It had just missed us, and the weather service said the tornado didn't even touch down. You can watch the video and judge for yourself.

All I know is that we were protected and we were given comfort when we needed it. Our prayers go out to those in Moore, OK.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Watch Your Step

It must be spring. Last night, we had a lovely evening rain. This is so needed in our area right now as we have been in such a severe drought for the last two years. With all of the precipitation, I went out to the garage to turn off our automatic sprinklers. As I circled around the car to come back in, I about had a heart attack when I almost stepped on this....
The garage door was open from when one of the boys had taken out the trash a few minutes before, and apparently a late night visitor made his way in out of the rain. He was enormous! Since I was barefoot at the time, I am glad I spotted him in time!