Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thirty Something

This is it folks, the last year of the thirties for the illustrious Theo Martin. Enjoy it, babe!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Double Digit Doritos Nachos Locos & Big Nate

Holy wowzers, Rex is TEN!!!!
One of the things we like to do as a birthday tradition is let our kids choose what we will eat for dinner on their b-day. Rex had been telling me for weeks that he wanted to have Taco Bell. They have  a new taco that has a Doritos flavored shell. He had thought of little else. I wasn't stoked to haul the family to the nearest Taco Bell for the dinner hour, so we had a compromise. I surprised Rex by picking him up from school for lunch, and he and I went to Taco Bell on our own. He was in heaven!
That night, we had the usual opening of gifts and cake. It was a simple family affair.  
Both of Rex's grandparents sent him gift cards for his double digit day. He ordered a slew of Big Nate books from Amazon thanks to G&G Ross.

And he got a cool mini-basketball for the tramp and, you got it, another Big Nate book from Target, courtesy of G&G Martin.
Happy Birthday, Rex!