Saturday, April 19, 2014

Egg Hunt

We decided to have our Easter egg hunt on Saturday rather than Sunday this year. Of course, we dyed real hard boiled eggs which meant the dog was excluded from the merry making. It was a boys only event. Good times.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Four Wheeling into Forty

This year Theo turns forty. He has been less than excited about this milestone. With his graduation from physical therapy school also looming, I was looking for a special gift. Something big. Something meaningful.

Theo had his own ideas about what he would like. He searched for just the right one, and found this beauty. With my blessing, we came home with this...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Such a Softee

My baby is ELEVEN! No matter how many times I tell Rex that he needs to stop getting bigger, he just goes and does it anyway!

Rex is actually our only kid that doesn't have a summer birthday which means he often has to be in school on his birthday. This year he begged me to at least come and get him for lunch. He also had the notion that once we had eaten, he should just take the rest of the day off school. I told him lunch would be fine, but he had to go back for the afternoon.

On his birthday, he opted to go to Chic-Fil-A. I suggested some sit down places, but my kids don't get much fast food, so it is a treat for them. Whatever. I like me some nuggets every now and then. I came to his school to pick him up, and as he came to the office, I noticed he was wearing his backpack. As we walked out to the car, I asked him why he had his bag. He said that he had told his teacher he wasn't coming back and that he had collected his make-up work. What?! We went back and forth about it as we drove to the restaurant. He may or may not have become a little teary when I insisted he needed to go back.

We ate our lunch and chatted, and then we ran home to check on Sam and Ruby. I admit that I have the classic "cave-in-to-the-youngest-child" syndrome. I relented and left Rex at home with his pets while I went back to work! What a pushover!

That evening we had a yummy dinner, gifts and cake.

Many of the presents we got him were related to his early birthday present, his new pet chinchilla, Sam. Books on care and a big exercise ball were a hit. Rex also got a special quilt from his Grandma Ross. He has been asking her when she is going to make him another one for well over a year. Our boys all LOVE their grandma quilts! All-in-all Rex made a good haul.


Man, I must be getting old and soft! Rex is such a blessing to our family! Happy birthday kid!