Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daisy Young Martin

Theo's grandma Daisy has passed away. Just like with his grandpa George, Theo was able to work with his grandma as a physical therapist. She had been living at home, but then with her decreased capacity, she had moved to the Beehive House in Page. She really enjoyed her time there as she was able to make friends and socialize with the other people living there.

In early June, Daisy had another stroke, this was not her first. She spent her remaining days in the Page Hospital being taken care of and visited by family and loved ones. When we had her funeral on the following Tuesday, it struck me as we gathered with everyone. She was reuniting with not just her husband, George, but with her children that had gone before her. It really touched me as a mother to think about losing children and how infinitely joyful it would be to see them again. I know that Daisy's sons, Ross, Daniel and Irvy were there to greet their mother. What a reunion that must have been!

As an aside, the day of the funeral was Theo and I's 20th anniversary. It may seem sad to have such a great milestone on the same day as a funeral, but I look at it differently. At this time of coming together to honor a life, we can look back and reflect as well as look forward with anticipation of what is yet to come. We rejoice in the things that are good. We celebrate the milestones we've acheived. We relish the opportunity to move forward together.

I am glad to know that families are eternal, that we live on beyond this earthly  life. This is just one stop in a much grander journey. I was glad to be aquainted with Daisy. She always had a kind smile and a warm welcome for me. Until we meet again.

Happy anniversary, love!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sensational Stone

Apparently, I have a thing for stone. Maybe it comes from being raised in the desert. I am thrilled with the two big things going in the house this week . They are gorgeous.

Our countertops have gone in and I am in LOVE!

Maybe my very favorite feature in the whole house is just about done, our fireplace in the great room. Theo and our contractor Shawn put in the stone facing on this week. Hubba hubba!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lots Going On, Going Up

Tile going in the showers...
Closets being assembled...

Tongue and groove going up...

Walls and ceilings have been painted throughout the main floor. Originally, this was a job we intended to do, but have since realized the mammoth task it would be, especially with our tall ceilings. It's getting real folks.