Friday, August 8, 2014

Temporary Long-Term Sub

What a strange combination of words in that title. I am working part-time as a long-term sub in a temporary capacity. Man, that is a mouthful!

Upon leaving my job in Texas, I knew that I wanted to continue my career. The challenge for me was going to be finding a good fit in Page. This is a small town, and job opportunities can be limited. I knew that I didn't want to return to teaching in the classroom, but I also knew that a second income was going to be important with the debt we have from Theo's doctorate program.

I actually put in an application with the school as a sort of back-up. Long story short, I was offered jobs at both the middle school and high school, but I could just not bring myself to accept a position. I had all these feeling of guilt and obligation. I wanted to please the people that had offered me work, but I was so not excited about the prospect of teaching!

I had been exploring the idea of doing consulting work, but wasn't sure how long that could take to get off the ground. It was actually quite a leap of faith to say no to the jobs that were offered. I had no solid backup.

Just before school was about to start, I got a call from the principal of the middle school, an acquaintance of mine. She told me that one of their teachers had resigned just two weeks before school was to start and she was in a panic. After much discussion, we decided I would work as a long term sub, only in the morning while they continued to look for another teacher. The understanding was, I could possibly leave for another job at any time.

I am teaching 8th grade English in the morning and helping a brand new sub (not a certified teacher) who is over the afternoon classes. In the meantime, I am also looking at chances to start my business consulting with schools on integrating technology in the classroom. Sadly, Page is very behind the curve in this regard. I don't know that I will make much progress here in the Page district. I do have a great contact in the Navajo Nation department of Education however. Theo's former college roommate and old friend, Derrik works for the tribe and is working on getting me in contact with the rez schools that could use my services. It is an exciting prospect, and I know things will work out how they should.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Begin Again

The first day of school was kind of strange. We are back in Page, so many things are the same, yet new all at once. Drake is a big bad senior and Corbin is a sophomore. Bowen and Rex are together at the middle school. I am curious to see how the boys will re-integrate with their friends from three years ago. A lot changes in those years. They have grown up a lot! This year is full of promise and excitement. Look out Page. Here we come!

Sunday, August 3, 2014