Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ross Reunion 2013, Day 2

Day two of the Ross Reunion began with an early appointment to a printing museum in Provo. This was an activity we had actually planned to do the last time the Brad Ross family was in charge, but because of circumstances, we never made it. We got to learn some cool stuff about the evolution of the printed text.

At the conclusion of this tour, the Gillelands had to make an early exit from the reunion as they had scheduled their houseboating time-share the same week. We also said goodbye to Corbin and his friend Jacob as they hitched a ride with the Gillelands to Duck Creek for running camp.
Since Nate would be entering the MTC in a matter of days, this was a bigger goodbye for some of the gang.
With no rest for the wicked, we headed off to our next destination on the itinerary, the Provo Beach Resort. This place had all kinds of fun things to do, and one of them was our first ever Ross Family Pinewood Derby. Each of our boys had worked on their own cars for this event, and everyone was excited to show off their creative and competitive skills.
We had a cars that were light sabers, toothpaste and traditional high speed race cars. We also had one with a motor on it built by Grandpa for Grandma Ross and a three foot long contraption built by Nate. It was an exciting competition!

After the racing was done, we were turned loose to partake of any other activities Provo Beach had to offer.  A group of the big guys headed to the Flo-rider, a wave machine for surfing. Drake decided that he was old enough to take the plunge with the men.

Bowen was excited to try out the ropes course. He got all harnessed up and moved around the three story structure like a pro.


Of course, there was some mini-golfing to be had. Rex and Bo got Ty and Nate to play some holes with them.

 And Drake joined some of the adults in the high tech golf simulator. There was certainly something for everyone to do!

Our day ended back ant Brad and Keryn's lovely new home. They hosted a yummy BBQ and then we all headed to a neighboring school for a friendly game of kickball. What a day! This was really the last full official day of the reunion. It was another great year for renewing relationships and enjoying the bonds that make us a family. Love to all the Rosses!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ross Reunion 2013, Day 1

The Ross Reunion 2013 officially started on Monday, July 22nd. One of the things we often like to do is some kind of craft or creative project. This year, Grandma Ross had prepared some pillowcases for the kids to decorate. Sweet. She had traced on them a logo for the Ross Reunion. The rest was up to the creative genius of each kiddo.

I heard rumors that some of the dads were feverishly putting the finishing touches on their pinewood derby cars down in Grandpa's shop in the basement. Of course, there are no photos of this as it was a top secret venture. The Derby was to commence on Day 2 of the reunion. Time was running out.
That afternoon we were scheduled to take a look around a special exhibit at the Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake. They had a touring display called 101 Inventions That Changed the World. We thought a fun way to transport everyone would be to  hop on TRAX, the public train system. Even though the weather was really hot, the kids were good sports and had a fun time riding. We did get a few looks from the TRAX regulars. Even in Utah, with all those kids (19 for this outing), we are kind of a moving circus!

After the museum, many of the families did their own thing. Our kids quickly tired of the exhibits at the Leonardo, so we played tourist at City Creek and Temple Square. We were in a bit of a hurry so we could catch our train back in time for dinner.

Drake was super excited when he found a Book of Mormon in Navajo at the visitor center at Temple Square. He insisted that I take his picture.

Once we returned to the south side of town, John and Michelle treated everyone to a delicious meal at one of their new restaurants, Pie Five. It was fantastic!


We rounded out the evening by returning to the Hannay's to frolic in the evening cool of the backyard grass. It was a great night to have a family home evening where we did charades with scripture stories. There was some fine acting by all.



As the official first day of Ross Reunion 2013, it was a success!